Buy Car Insurance For 24 hours!
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Short term car insurance is easy to buy for most UK drivers as well as many visitors to the UK.


  • You can insure a car instantly for a very short period - useful in an emergency.
  • You can insure a borrowed car - no need for you to actually own it.
  • You can insure a car for from 24hrs up to 28 days
  • Documents are available immediately so you can drive the insured car straight away.
  • Getting a quote takes only a minute or two.

Qualifying for a temporary policy

  • You will need to have held a full driving licence for at least six months (12 months if you are an overseas visitor).
  • The car you want to insure must have been first registered, and then kept, in the UK.
  • The car must be taxed, with a current MOT and not subject to a SORN.
  • The car must be unmodified, unless it is done to accommodate a disabled driver.
  • Your driving licence will need to have been issed in the UK; any country of the EEC; Australia, Canada, The Falklands, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa or Zimbabwe. If you are not a UK resident please enter your UK address (a hotel or the address of a friend you are staying with will be OK), not your overseas address.
  • You must have your driving licence details available, and your passport details if you are a foreign visitor.
  • Your journey must both begin, and end; in the UK.
  • The driver of the car to be insured must be aged between 19 and 75.

What you can use your  cover for

  • test driving a car you may wish to buy.
  • Driving it home after you've bought it.
  • taking over as driver at short notice.
  • Sharing the driving with someone else on a long trip.
  • Borrowing a car for an excursion, or to move your own property.
  • Commuting to and from your regular place of work.

Additional information

  • Please remember that whether or not to offer an insurance policy is at the absolute discretion of the insurer.
  • The information here is a shortened version only and you should read to the policy documents of the insurer (which you should always do with every insurance policy!).
  • Only a restricted list of cars can be insured. most modern UK cars will be acceptable but very high value, or unusual vehicles, will probably not.
  • If you do not own the car to be insured, you must have borrowed it with the express permission of the owner. Hired cars CAN NOT be covered by a short term policy.
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